Every individual own competences, sometimes even unsuspected. Activ Solutions is there to help you to discover your strenghts, to become aware of same and to use them

Our customer’s knowledge allows us to accompany each of you and to offer you numerous advantages:

  • We advise you on the post which suits you best
  • We advise you on the choice of the company
  • We estimate the equivalence between your personality and the company’s one
  • We help you to build your application, to prepare your introduction speech and give you some advices on your research strategy
  • We allow you to spare time in your process
  • We provide you with a wide range of customers and jobs to be provided
  • We accompany you and follow you during all the recruitment process (advice, information upstream, interviews debriefing , feedback)
  • We follow you after hiring and make sure that the integration conditions are respected and meet your expectations
  • We support you in your career’s management

Our customers appeal to our services for confidentiality and availability reasons but also for our competence to manage the logistic aspect of their recruitment process (announcement, selection of applicants, 1st point of contact)

Our candidates appeal to our services for the same reasons ; a dedicated consultant accompany each candidate during all his career pathway. This implies the establishment of a reliable relation between applicant and consultant whose target is to make sure to developp a follow-up on a long term period.

Our priority is to satisfy both candidate and customer in order to perpetuate a relation based on confidence.

Our agency = your Ally in your employment and professional opportunities researches